Friday, March 6, 2009


Today I feel like I hit the Jackpot! My sister in law sent me some photos of their family.

As most of you know I only have boys, but now, I finally have some girl photos to work with!!

Everyone tells me to just scrap myself. Trust me, it is not the same. Most of the photos of myself at a young age are black and white and will not go with the new trendy paper. While they do make fabulous heritage layouts, they just don't do the new paper "justice".

We are so lucky to have the new camera types that give you such true colors in our photos and make it possible to do layouts with such bold and bright colors.

I have been struggling with designer block recently so I hope these will help get me out of it.

The wind has picked up around here and it has cooled off a bit. I am in desperate need of sunshine and warm weather! I find myself shivering in the mornings still. Where is that "shorts weather" I was asking for?


Jaime said...

Oh my!! You scrapped a girly layout!!?? I'm so proud of you Libby! LOL
It looks awesome! Miss you girly! We are gonna have to chat soon!

Pat said...

That is so cute!
Well done!