Monday, March 30, 2009

Butterflies and Packing

Today Andrew's insect project was due at school. Everyone in the family was susposed to help make and research an insect of Andrew's choice. Everyone else had suggestions of maybe doing an ant or a lightening bug (think of the possibilities) but Andrew stood firm with his choice of a butterfly.
I helped Andrew research it, while David and Ian did the model... ahemm .. let me clarify.. David did the model while Ian ran to pick up the supplies and watched.
Andrew was quite proud of it this morning as he carried it into the school. He asked me to to a photograph of it as he was leaving.
Today I have been finishing up some layouts, trying to sort things, and pick up around the house.
Tomorrow I will be packing to head to CKC St Louis, MO (really it is in Collinsville, IL).
As some of you know I have been collecting state charms for my bracelet. I already have one from last year for MO, so I think I will be doing the IL one for this show. It counts right?
I will be working with Nanette and her daughter Kaylie! It should be loads of fun.
I am also going to get to see Jamie and her mother Rose! They promised to help with tear down like last time in Kansas City!
I can't wait to see them!


Disneyscrapper said...

Libby I hope you have a great time. Yes the Illinois charm does count! I love the butterfly. He looks so proud too. Have a safe trip. Hope to hear about it after you return!


Jaime said...

Yay Andrew! That butterfly rocks dude!
Can't wait to see you too! AND check out the Giant Ketchup Bottle Hee Hee