Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's "Chicken Day"!!!

Well I have been busy scrapping away at home. I just finished the above layouts that are made out of the Scrapbook Doodle's May monthly kit. It was fun to play with the orange and blue for a while. The last one was a photo that Andrew took of me. He is such a "goober". He is always grabbing my camera and snapping away. When I was erasing his "photo session" from my memory card I came across this picture and thought.. Why not use one?
Tonight is open house at school and also "Chicken Day"! Those of you who don't know about Chicken Day, obviously have not received a call from Andrew on a Tuesday. We buy chicken from KFC on Tuesdays because of the specials they run . (Wow it has been on for about a year now!)
Well when I pick him up from school we head off to pick up dinner. He has figured out how to call people using my iphone so he grabs it and looks at everyone's picture in my address book and proceedes to call and let them know it is "Chicken Day!" Don't be surprised if you get a call!!
We are thinking about having a garage sale this weekend. We were cleaning out the garage last weekend and had people stopping by asking if we were cleaning or having a sale. Hey.. don't laugh! We made $45 on the clean out! The big plus was we didn't have to put those items back into the garage! We set an old lawn mower out that Andrew had destroyed and filled with dirt on our back slab for our yearly rubbage day comming up... it was gone the next day. We don't know who snagged it but it was one less thing to haul off to the city yard!
Well it is time to think about picking up Andrew and celebrating "Chicken Day", so let me leave you with this......

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

St. Louis Fun!

Working St. Louis with my buddies? What can I say.. one word says it all..."FUN"!!
Bad hair days were even fun! (just look at the above photo.. what was it doing?)
Nanette and her daughter Kalie were a blast. I think we were always giggling. The tear down crew? Well look at the pictures above at the dirty hands. They were awesome!
I am happy to be home for a bit to spend some time with my family. Thanks St. Louis for a wonderful time!