Friday, March 13, 2009

Always Remember...

This week has been so hectic around our house.
Spring has sprung so to say.
Yards needed mowing, dogs to the vet for shots, help out at school, floors that needed repair among other things.
My son decided to keep it from us that his girlfriend from New York was comming to visit.
I found out when he called me from work the night she was susposed to arrive. It seems that she was stranded in Las Vegas because she had missed her flight.
They decided that he would pick her up there (a 6 hour drive one way) after he finished his night shift at work.
Well he made it to Las Vegas and was headed home and fell asleep while driving and ran into a semi.
Luckly no one was hurt, but his car was totaled.
It made me start thinking how that sometimes you get busy with life and you forget to tell people who mean the most, that you love them.
My older boys have grown up and left the nest. I don't see them everyday. Do they know how I feel?
I have decided that no matter how embarassing it is for them, how silly they think it is, or how much they think they have grown , that they will receive those mommy kisses and hugs forever.
I love them!


Pat said...

Wise words!

Kelly said...

Glad no one was hurt! It is a good thing to always tell those we love that we care.

Disneyscrapper said...

Libby I'm glad that everyone is OK. You are so right. They are always your babies and you should be able to let them know that their whole life!

Hey I am looking forward to helping in Pleasanton. I don't have your email so I will give you mine. Could you get in touch with me so I know what time and all that you need me.

Thanks Libbby!

Jaime said...

oh my! i'm so glad that he was ok! I for one agree about the mommy kisses......dalton gets embarrassed sometimes, but i hope when he is older and wiser he will appreciate that fact that his mom really loves him!

Sue said...

I feel the same way Libby!! I tell my kids everyday when they head out to school that I love's kind of a game. I tell them I love them more than they love me and they try to say it first because then there are no call backs and then for that day whoever says it first loves the most!

Janice said...

This is darling Libby.. and words to live by!!