Saturday, July 25, 2009

We are Back!

After our 6,500 mile road trip we are home! We all had loads of fun . We did have a few "bumps" in the road but we all worked together and tackled it as a family and are now returning to our busy lives at home.
Andrew had so much fun. I still hear things comming out of his mouth telling someone about something that happened or that he learned on our trip and think.. "wow! He really was listening". He was telling someone yesterday about how electricity was made with a dam and how the locks work on the dam we visited. The funny part was we had stopped by this dam for a quick picnic one day with my parents. But boy it must have made a big impression on him!
We visited Destin, Flordia and spent one day on the beach. Ahh.. the water was so nice. Not freezing like we have here in California. We all got a bit of sun even with the spf 70 we used.
Visiting with my parents was so much fun and eventful too. I was able to pick enough blackberries for some homemade jam. Yummm!
I missed Ruby and Max terribly and they were so happy to see us when we arrived home. I think their "welcoming party" lasted for about 20 min. We finally had to put them outside so we could carry in our luggage.
Now we are refreshed an back to our "real world", but boy it was sure fun to get away for a bit!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well we are about to head out in a few days on our yearly "Family Vacation". I say "about", because here I sit, with nothing packed or ready to go.
It has been a hectic week around our house. My mom and Dad were out visiting, my grandmother was placed in the hospital, and then a rehabilitaion facility, Andrew had swimming lessons, and the list goes on.
My birthday is fast approaching and my kids decided to surprise me with the "bestest" gift in the world. They decided that mom needs to "stay connected" on her trips and bought me a laptop. It was such an awesome surprise! My son Jeremy orchestrated it all and then did the horribile duty of setting it all up with my software that I need. Eveyone tends to hide when I need computer help.
I must say thank you to each one individually as all had a hand in this..
So Thank You... Jeremy, Jennifer, Michael, David, Andrew (Yes! You can have my old dinasour!), and Ian... Y'all are the best! I love you all!
I also included a photo of one of my Dt projects for Rusty Pickle for July to the side! Thanks Jamie for the inspiration and thanks Andrew for the idea on how to use TH Swivil Clasps to hang the circle on! What would I do without my little scrapbooker? He is so full of ideas! I love how this turned out!
Now it must be off to pack!
Remember... "SMILES ARE FREE!"