Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It has been a whirlwind or"Potato"!

It seems since last November there has been a "potato" going on in my life. I chuckle when I say that. If you know me then you know my son Andrew who is always worried that a "potato" will
touch down at any second. (Potato = tornado) I think instead of a "potato" I must have had a
giant Yam.. lol... or hurricane.
After losing my dad and getting through other hurdles in my life I am ready. It is starting to slow down now. Life is becoming a bit easier. It is time to start fresh.

I am just getting back into scrapping and starting to feel better with what I am creating.
These are a few things that I put together with the "Pack your Bags" kit from Scrapbook Doodle.
It was super fun to work with and is packed full of goodies!