Saturday, February 28, 2009

February! Where did it go?

It is hard to believe that February is over. It seems like the month had just started.

We spent today in town. I can't believe how fast Andrew is growing. He had a field trip last Wednesday and as I was dressing him I noticed that all of the pants he has in his drawer were hitting him at and above his ankles!

I received an email that Osh Kosh was having a $10 pant sale this weekend so I vowed to get him a few pair. Yes! to my amazement, he had gone up two pant sizes. What was even more amazing is while he could fit into the slims they were a tad snug and now he is a regular!

We fixed up his wardrobe with 3 pants, 4 shorts, and four new shirts which totaled to under $100 including tax! Yeah!!

After that we ventured to the mall to pick up a few other necessities and then Ian surprised us with Lunch at Red Robin. David had gone with us so for a change the entire household was there! It was so nice.

Today feels like Sunday to me. Ian has been working 6-7 days a week so we have not had a Saturday together in forever. I am hoping that tomorrow I can have him knock off a few things on my "honey-do" list.

I created the February layout for my "Day in the Life" album. The day that was chosen was just an ordinary day for me. I tried to make a layout that said just that! I am going to make the album myself with my bind it all. These pages I do will matt onto kraft colored pages. I am really looking forward to seeing how it ends up.

I have been dreaming of summer and I must admit I am ready for March.. I really want to dig out those shorts and pack the pants till the fall!

Let me leave this post by saying one of my new favoite sayings....

"A true friend will always say you are a good egg, even though they know you are slightly cracked!"

Friday, February 27, 2009

New addition!

I am so behind with my blog.
Everyone in the family has been sick and life has just gotten in the way.
I have vowed to get this going again.
We have a new addition to our family.
Meet Ruby!
We picked her up in Oregon from my good buddy Kathie D on the 17th of Jan.
She is our male boxer Max's new best buddy.
The online board that I follow and design for (scrapbook doodle) started a challenge to be done monthly. We are creating an album called "A Day in my Life". We are chosing a day and every month we are scrapping something about that day.
I was a little behind because I decided to join mid February. So February will be soon to follow!
This layout is done for the 19th of January.
We picked Ruby up less than 30 hours earlier!
I have some hidden journaling on the tag under the photo pocket about our routine's changing.
Wow! Feburary is almost over and we are into March.
The Pleasanton, Ca Expo is comming up fast! I'll be hitting the road soon heading out around the middle of March. I hope to see you all there!