Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And away we Goooooooo!

Yes! Show Season is starting!
Tomorrow I am heading out for the Pleasanton Expo in California. I will spend today packing, tying up loose ends aound the house, and finishing a few projects I have on my desk.
This picture is from the Chatanooga Show last year. That was a few pounds ago. Maybe starting work will help shed some of my "packed on" winter pounds.
I will be working with one of my great fellow chef's Brenda, and Lance will be teaching. We will also have the honor of having a helper for set-up. Yay Tereasa!!
When I return home my mom and Dad will be here visiting and I will get to spend some time with them. I miss them being around in my life every day. I can't wait to see them!
Hopefully my house will not be in too much disrepair when I return from the show after three days with all men being there! You know how the guys are! (wink!)


Pat said...

Noo! You should be coming to Scrapbook USA in SLC! :)

Jaime said...

Have fun in Pleasanton! Hope the house isn't too bad when you get home.......hope to see you in St. Louis in a couple of weeks :)

Kim said...

Lib! Love the pic...brings back memories! I also love your monthly cute. Well, everything here is cute....thanks for the inspiration!
Love ya

Janice said...

fun times!!

Disneyscrapper said...


It was my honor to help you out. I think the world of you!