Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Up" and Away!!

Things have been busy around our household these past few weeks!
After returning from Pasadena everything has taken off!
My poor grandmother had to celebrate her 97th birthday in the hospital.
Hugs Grandma! I love you!
My parents are visiting from Tennessee.
Andrew is taking swimming lessons. It is too funny to watch. He loves the water and has fun when he wonders off from the class. I swear he is going to be the death of me.
We leave for vacation next week. I have packing to do.
I am trying to get my July Dt projects finished. I can't wait to share them with everyone.
I did post my "Day in my Life" page for June above. We went and saw the movie "Up".
I used the idea from the movie of the house floating away with balloons. The bottle cap pin from the movie, the movie ticket stubs, and a picture of Andrew were all used. Oh and then I also used a strip of an old 8mm movie.
Well I am off to start accomplishing some more chores.
Did I mention that everthing in my garden is "in season"? Squash or tomatoes anyone???

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back From Pasadena!!

It was a great show in Pasadena!
I got to see lots of my local friends who traveled up to visit Pasadena's first ever CKC.
I just had to post this photo from the show. It is our typical "WE ARE DONE!" dirty hands photo.
I even had the hubby and Andrew helping us out! Andrew was quite the motor mouth during tear down. I think our neighboring booths were getting an earful of him. I had to laugh, because my hubby told me on the way home.. "Now I know why you come home so tired and bruised every show." He had helped us with set up too and said he had to get back to his work to "rest".
We had an awesome crew! Thanks Guys!
Now I am busy around the house doing catch up for being gone for the past two weeks.
My parents will be arriving on Saturday and I am anxiously awaiting their arrival.
I have a few projects to complete and then just got an awesome box of new Pickelicious goodies from my UPS man! SCORE!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Off to Arlington!

I am headed out the door soon to work the GASC show in Arlington, Texas! I will be working with my good friend and fellow chef Kim and a local person from the area I have never met.
I am also hoping to touch bases with my freind and fellow chef Jill! I can't wait!
This is going to be a busy next two weeks. I will be doing back to back shows with the next one a CKC in Pasadena!
I am anxious to see the new Rusty Pickle Patriotic line at the show... and maybe pick up a few more goodies. I am already anticipating getting home and getting to play.
I will be missing Andrew who told me he slipped a secret note into my suitcase. I am not susposed to look until I get there.
I wanted to leave you with a few of my June RP creations. Enjoy!