Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am so lucky to get to work for a company where I can travel. I enjoy working the shows and getting to meet ladies who are interested in scrapbooking like me. These are some pictures that were sent to me by Kim, one of the ladies in the above picture. Kim is on the left and Alaina is on the left, with me in the center (photo on left). What awesome ladies they are. We shared a lot of laughs! ( I won't share the late night photos we took!) What a blast! They had to put up with me being sick, so they are even more special in my book! I would probably never have gotten to visit Niagra Falls on my own. What an awesome sight it was. I feel so blessed.


Amanda Oates said...

So jealous!!! Love all of you!! Great photos!

Christi said...

Libby you are so looking good in those photo's! I'm glad you got to meet Kim and Aliana! Did you enjoy the Falls? I love them!

Scrapworthy said...

I'm jealous too - that's one place I really want to see!