Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Teaching in Kentucy was such a BLAST!
This group of ladies survived a day long class of three Rusty Pickle mini albums! ( I think one or two of the ladies left early and are not in this picture) It was such a hoot! Everyone in the group was super talented, nice, and hilarious all rolled up in one. They were all A+ students in my book!
The place where they held the class was super! There was lots of room, it was air conditioned, just perfect. I only wish I lived closer so that I might join their cropping group.
We got to walk up to the town square for lunch, There were awesome burgers and we even got the pleasure of sharing the place with a convention of motorcyle members from the "Grim Reapers"! LOL! Did anyone ever count them all??!
We have made plans for another class for the fall. I can hardly wait! I'll have to make sure I pack my button jar again.. (wink... wink)!!


Christi said...

Yeah Libby what happened with the button Jar? LOL! What a funny experience you had! Well you have always been a great teacher I'm not surprised that it went Well! Glad you are back home girlie!!!

Janice said...

Oh Libby.. it sounds like you had a blast! I know all these ladies were lucky to have YOU as their teacher! I'm glad it went so well for ya!

Jaime said...

wow! i wish i could have been there with you! is it october yet??