Thursday, June 26, 2008

Counting Time

It is one week today until we leave on our trip!
The countdown has finally started. Last second errands, plans, and details are finally happening.
After a morning of errands, David, Andrew, and I picked up lunch and headed to my Grandma's house. Yesterday she had her 95th birthday! Grandma needs a party! (She still doesn't look a day over 60 to me. I only hope that I can age like that.)
Andrew saw to it that we stopped to get a "special" birthday gift from him. You know you have to get party hats and horns if you are having a birthday! He even had one for her dog!
After the birthday lunch we helped Grandma by giving her dog a bath. I think Andrew was as excited about helping as her dog was to get it! They were both jumping around after we were done.
Time always is on my mind. Five days to this... an hour to that... It seems like I am always rushing here and there. As I was driving home I started thinking how fast time passes by. Wasn't I just out of college? Surely I have not been married that long... where have all of the days gone? Grandma can't be 95!
I have decided that I am going to relax and enjoy this vacation with my family. No rules, no time schedules, and enjoy a little me time. Life only happens once. I want to enjoy it!
***And in the end, its not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. - Abraham Lincoln*****


Christi said...

Libby you are so right! The kids are asleep and I'm going to scrap because the house can wait till tomorrow! I'll enjoy the day because I'm not promised tomorrow!

Pat said...

Grandma's a cutie, hope she had a happy day!
...Will you be swinging through Utah again? I could meet you at Sonic...

Janice said...

Wow Libby.. you are so right about Grandma.. she looks so young!! Congrats to her... 95 is amaZing!!
I hope you have the best and most relaxing vacation you can.. enjoy the time and your family!

Kelly said...

You are soooo right ,my friend!!! Enjoy your time with your family!!!!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

Holy Smokes, I can't actually believe that I am visiting a blog belonging to YOU! Looking good girl!

Jaime said...

amen sister! and happy belated to gramma!