Saturday, June 21, 2008

No More Dumping!

After looking at my garage I have decided that I need to start working on the "No Dumping" rule in our house!
So often things get pushed aside waiting until I "find the time" to get it done. We have an overflowing cans, bottles, and glass section, not to mention the garage sale area.
It is a wonder I can find anything!
Today I woke up and decided it was a yard sale day. I got a late start, but it was still well worth the effort. I was able to make some money and go through some of the stacked boxes. After the yard sale I am proud to report that there are only two boxes to return inside and I have 7 more to go to the local charity thrift store. Yay!
The two boxes that I am keeping will go great with other items I need to rid our house of and hopefully will sell at another sale in the near future.
I have decided I like to have the extra green in my pocket versus the boxes that I have to walk around in the garage.
I am going to try and get tuff with my boys. No more dumping their stuff in the garage! It is their resposibility to dispose of their items! Does that make me a bad mom or a better one for teaching them to dispose of their own items?


Janice said...

I think it makes you a better Mom for sure! Those are GREAT lessons my friend!! I am so happy about your sale... that's awesome! What are you going to do with the extra green??

Yvonne said...

LOL that makes you a great mom! We started packing yesterday... We threw away a bunch of stuff. he he he

Christi said...

Libby you know you are a great mommy! Congrats on the wonderful yard sale! I need to have a yard sale.....I need to have an Ebay sale for some of the things that I do not use - scrapbooking related! not very long till it is off to your parents!

Pat said...

You're a better mom than me - do you want to come here and knock some sense into mine while you're at it? LOL!