Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sacramento Expo

Well I am home from Sacramento and packing for Ontario.
Sacramento was so much fun! I got to work with two of my favorite ladies Kathie and Laura.
I did get to see the new Christmas Line from Rusty Pickle! I love it! Amazing!!
It was so much fun to go shopping on Saturday night and to be able to do "girlie" things. I usually have a boy in tow so it was a special treat for me.
We couldn't resist taking out photo with Poseidon who was standing just outside of the Expo Entrance!
It was so much fun seeing all of the Pickle fans at the Expo.
I am packing now for Ontario to work with Tracey and Casey! Wow ! This has been a whirlwind three weeks!


Anonymous said...
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Disneyscrapper said...


Have fun in Ontario. I hope you guys do well down there. It was nice to see you in Sacramento!