Monday, October 27, 2008

Ontario Expo - Done!

My last show of the year... DONE!
I arrived home from Ontario tired but I sure had a blast! I got to work with two special ladies Casey and Tracey.. yep... they still rhyme!
We had such fun this trip. It was so easy for us. Everything was within walking distance of the hotel. We laughed giggled and had a lot of fun.
It is bitter sweet... the last show of the year. I am going to miss all of my Pickle friends I meet at each venue, not to mention all of the fun ladies I get to work with. For now it is back to cleaning, and being a MOM.
Andrew has missed me badly. He arrived at the hotel early with his dad to pick me up. They sat in the lobby and watched T.V. When it was time to walk over to the expo his dad told him it was time to go. He started crying saying, "We don't have my Mommy yet!".
I am teaching in Clovis this weekend doing my Fall-A-Days album. You ladies are in for great fun! It is an awesome little album!
Oh.. and check out the dirty hands... yes.. it is hard work to tear down a booth but we did it!!

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