Monday, January 30, 2012

Unexpected Fun... Snow?!!

After the bustle of the past few days around here we decided to take my mom for a drive into the mountains.  We had heard that they had drained a lake up in the mountains above us to improve the existing dam and they had uncovered loads of fun things.  Sound like a fun time?.  Well we piled in the car, (I decided that I would wear sneakers instead of the uggs I had been wearing.. they have started to get hot)... no jackets (lucky I found one in the car).. it has been beautiful the past few days.  Well needless to say... we found SNOW!  lol..

Here are a few snapshots from our trip.

After our drive, Mom decided to treat us to the spaghetti factory.  As you can tell Andrew LOVED it!

Mom is leaving in a few days so things should get back to the "normal" around here.  But then.. is there really a normal?
Take care!

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Nymueh said...

Omg!!! Those pics turned out amazing... :-)