Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweet, Sweet, Rain!

Yes! Finally we have rain!  We have been so dry this winter.  Rain is a beautiful thing for us right now in our small area of the world.  I know when you get too much it is a bad thing but right now I am really enjoying it.  I just want to snuggle up in bed and be cozy.

I think I must have always loved the rain.  The sound of it falling softly on the roof. The clasp of thunder in a lightning storm.  It brings back so many memories.

Memories are special.  They can't take them away from you.  Maybe that is why I enjoy scrapbooking so  much.  I get to filter through all of the photos that have memories attached and create with my most favorite medium, paper.

My store is up and running now on etsy. 
You can find it here.....

please check it out!  It is off to a slow start but everyone says it takes a bit to get going.
Above are a couple of Valentine's cards that I have created.  I just love the flying heart one.  The "Be Mine" label is actually a fabric label.

The one below is so much fun.  It is just hearts and flowers focusing on special words on the paper.
Take care everyone!  I am off to clean the house, .. ENJOY THE RAIN,... and maybe I will sneek in and "touch some paper"!  :)

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